Iowa does not recognize an “independent” party. Instead, “No Party” is used to indicate a lack of affiliation with a political party.

If you notice a mistake on your voter card please contact the Auditor’s Office and/or submit a new registration form to correct your information.

If you have moved recently and need to update your address for voting, all you have to do is fill out a new voter registration form and submit it to the Auditor’s office.

No. You would only need to re-register if your information has changed and you need to update it.

Those with a prior felony conviction are only permitted to vote if their voting rights have been restored by the Governor. For more information about restoration of rights, contact the Governor’s office or visit the voter registration page on our website.

No. All updates to voter registration must be made in writing or online through the Iowa DOT if you have an Iowa driver’s license.

 Any eligible voter in Iowa may register to vote. Because many of those who are homeless have a nontraditional address they just need to provide an address or description of where they sleep the most, wherever that may be.