You are allowed to hand deliver your ballot to the Auditor’s office up until the time the polls close on Election Day. If you return your ballot through the mail your ballot must be postmarked by the day before the election.

Yes! Your absentee ballot cannot be counted unless you have signed the affidavit envelope that you return your ballot in. If we receive a ballot back that has not been signed we will attempt to contact to you to get this fixed.

Yes. There is a myth that absentee ballots only get counted if the election is close, however this is not true. Under Iowa law every ballot must be counted; in fact, absentee ballots are the first vote results reported on election night.

Yes. You may permit anyone to return your absentee ballot for you. You may also request a receipt from the person returning your ballot.

 Under Iowa law, power of attorney does not apply for all election related matters.

Yes. You may request an absentee ballot via email or fax and a ballot will be mailed to you. However, in order for your ballot to be counted you must also mail in or drop off the original paper ballot request.

 In Iowa you can only request an absentee ballot for yourself.